Proper Behavior Management In This Exceptional Family


Yesterday was a really interesting day. It was one of those days that started off on the rocky side with Michael’s behavior problems, but then surprisingly turned out to be one of the best days he and we have had as a family in awhile. I think it was all due to family teamwork and being good detectives at what we all needed to do to be focused on doing.

The first thing was skipping church. That was a tough judgement call I made due to Michael not listening and being off. His sequencing, understanding the order in which events had to happen, was not going smoothly and I knew that we had a busy day of tennis and visiting his grandparents ahead of us. I wanted to ensure as much success for him as possible. So we stayed home. Michael surprised me by going through the entire mass structure on his own. He asked me if he could do church at home and I told him sure. It was amazing to watch him! He did everything. After doing church, I let him watch children’s music videos on You Tube. I let him watch for a little longer than was healthy for him, and we all paid for that with a meltdown. But then he and his father and I rebounded from that.

I was worried as I had not had a chance to do my yoga and meditation, but I managed. We went to tennis as a family and with headphones Michael did his best ever! Then he had a great visit with his grandparents. I really believe it was because we all paced ourselves, remained calm, and let Michael know he needed to decompress and what was expected of him in terms of behavior.

Exceptional Parents, how many times have you seen a day start out rocky only to see it go in the opposite direction with your Exceptional Children? How many times have they surprised you and you surprised yourselves? It is possible, by remaining calm, collected and talking things out that things do start to work out the way you want them to. Until next time.



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