Networking and Learning-The Importance of Exceptional Community Organizations

I am very excited that today I will have the opportunity to be meeting with and talking to great local community organizations that work to help individuals with special needs across our city. It will be a chance to talk, to learn, and to explain both the situation of parents with special needs kids and special needs children’s requirements in the school and community at large. I hope to be both a parent representative and an open professional individual to work as the liaison between parents and community organizations.

In the journey I have been on since Michael came into my life, I have met so many interesting people, both on and off the spectrum, who have opened up my eyes to all that is possible for my son and those like him. I want to do my part to encourage families, their children and societal organizations to invest in our kids because they are the future.

What organizations have helped you and your children in the past, Exceptional Parents? What professionals have worked alongside you to open up your eyes to your child’s potential? How have your grown as a person to see your child’s potential? All of these things are important, namely connecting to people and organizations that help you, your family and most importantly, your child be all they can be in the world. Until next time.



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