Parent/Teacher Meetings-Celebrating Growth/Working on Challenges


Today are the Parent/Teacher Meetings. I will be going later in the afternoon to hear from the staff at Michael’s school all about his growth this year and the challenges he is still facing. He had an amazing report card. I am proud, as usual, of how hard he is working even when things are difficult for him. That is something difficult for most of us.

I have seen him struggling with lots of anxiety in and outside of the classroom, and am glad that as usual, the staff at this school worked with me on this and gave him a stress ball for times of anxiety in the class. I have also been trying to help him become more independent at home, taking my cue from his teacher, by giving him a little more responsibility with chores and other tasks he was ready for.

It’s not always easy to find the balance of praising the child’s strengths without overpraising them, and helping them work on difficult areas. Sometimes I’ve been successful, other times I’ve caused frustration for Michael and I . He beats himself up when he makes mistakes, and I’m trying to teach him not to do that. It’s hard.  I know as I did that for many years.

But what stands out for me is that despite the emotional and learning struggles, I see Michael improving in so many areas. I see him excited about learning most subjects, and pushing himself forward with a little help from those around him. 🙂 This first Parent/Teacher Interview reminds me how important it is to touch base with the staff at his school so that as “Team Michael” we can help him achieve everything he is meant to achieve.

Exceptional Moms and Dads, how does Parent/Teacher Meeting go in your household? Do you see the gradual improvement your child/dren are making? Do you use it as an opportunity to grow too, challenge your child and yourself to advocate for them as much as they need? Remember, you are the main individual on their team, there to help them succeed to their utmost. And you are the best person for the job as you see all that your child is capable of. Until next time.



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