New Interests, Rewards And Emotional Exploration

Yesterday after school Michael threw me a curve ball. I didn’t mind though, as it was a good curve ball. He came home from school and told me he wanted to prepare stickers to bring to his friends. He put such attention and focus into this, like he usually does when he plays his musical instruments, maps out directions or does his pretend play. I was amazed to watch him. Then he did two more surprising things. First, he told me he did not want to eat.

“I’m too excited to eat Mommy. I want to finish putting these stickers in the plastic bag for my friends then I’ll have snack. Is that ok?”

“Sure it is buddy. Do you want some water?”

Thoughtful face.

“Yes. I am a little thirsty.”

Now anyone who knows Michael really well, knows that he is a foodie like his mother and father, and that he never does anything other than pee and wash his hands before having snack. So this was quite the surprise. I watched him focused on this new task and was proud of him for this new interest. Meanwhile, I put supper on early so we could then meet up and have snack together.

A few minutes after beginning his sticker task though, Michael surprised me with something else. He came up to me and placed a few stickers on each of my hands;

“Here Mommy. These are your stickers for good work on your blog. I’m so proud of you!”

I laughed with delight. It was so cute! I smiled and thanked Michael.

The fact that he was making the connection to pleasurable things, rewards, compliments, and interacting with me and on his own in a whole new way, made me very proud.

He has been a lot calmer the last few days. I know at school there have been methods put in place to help with his anxiety, and as always, I highly appreciate the attentive staff who have listened to my input and been open to discussing everything with me.


Seeing Michael trying out new things, changing up the routine, was also good for me. It reminded me to try new things, pick up new interests and never shy away from “throwing things up in the air.” It’s hard to do sometimes being an exceptional parent, but I see it is mandatory as it teaches said exceptional child about changes, new interests and helps them develop new behaviors. So I have started branching out as a speaker, organizer of events in my Mommy groups, and even with my writing, trying out a whole new genre, fantasy/horror writing!

In what ways do your Exceptional Children throw you curve balls, Exceptional Parents? How have they made you open up more to the world? If you haven’t yet, don’t worry. Tomorrow’s another day to get that sticker for doing a good job, trying out another way to ease anxiety, and just breaking out of your comfort zone. It’s hard, but it’s like when that caterpillar transforms into the butterfly. It’s scary at first until it feels its wings and then flies into the air. Until next time.

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