Birthdays and The Meaning of Getting Older

Yesterday was my birthday. As always I felt very blessed to be wished by family and friends, have my health and other material blessings, and though it was pretty much a day like any other, I made sure to do a few nice things for myself to remind myself to celebrate me. I got takeout sushi and I spent some time in the afternoon doing some pilates and yoga. It felt good. I also was blessed to become a contributor to some more amazing online magazine. I feel that I am now coming into my own in my life and business. It has been an exciting year for me. I began this blog last year at the end of November, so I see how far I have come in changing my life. I even feel this way with Michael, though it has been a tough time for he and I lately, with us now being in the upswing, thank goodness.

As always, I am looking to what Michael has been teaching me. It is important to live life in the moment, love the people around me, and learn to take risks, in what I do to take care of myself as well as in my business. In the past, I have been scared to take risks, well not anymore. I fight or go through my fear now, and am honest with myself and with what I am feeling. It’s not always easy, but then neither is life. Nothing is perfect. We need to do the best we can, put one foot in front of the other, and breathe. That is my motto. I will sometimes silently say to myself, “Breathe Joanne.”  After all, it is only by learning from our past can we make a better future, and of course, that comes with risks, ups and downs, and not taking the easy way out. That is what most of us do or have done. I see how Michael is learning, growing, and making change. When he doesn’t know how to do this, he is asking me for help in doing it. I couldn’t be more proud of him or humbled knowing what I need to do for me.

Does your birthday bring up a similar thought process for you? How does getting older affect how you see yourselves and the world, Exceptional Moms? We can use the fact that we are growing older to become sad or joyful. It depends on us. With each day we grow in wisdom and it is a chance to share that wisdom with the world and in our own lives. It is also a chance to show that part of ourselves to our children so that they can grow in wisdom. Until next time.

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