Learning What Is A Struggle And What Is Easy

This past weekend was a mix of ups and downs. I have watched Michael make so much progress over the last few months in expressing himself, in reading and in other artistic talents, while watching his anxiety and ability to cope become drastically affected, sometimes to the point when he is asking for help doing things he does not need help with. Time is what he seems to need. Patience as well. Sometimes that is in short supply for me as it is for him. But together we are learning, learning how to navigate life by communicating needs, asking for help, and asking for time to decompress, breathe or a self-imposed time out, that would be for me to calm down, count and go back and face the music, and him to do the same. We had a lot of fun at a friend’s house this weekend, and Michael and I took a long walk on a busy boulevard after church on Sunday morning. I was glad that he walked, stimmed and told me his stress was going down. He’d had a meltdown and walking here always helped him center himself.

I have been seeing with me what I need to do to stay or get calm, and learning how to ask for it from family. We are very worried about some strange behaviors that Michael has been exhibiting and are looking to have him further evaluated for these. This has tested my stress levels, but I am realizing that for this and other personal reasons, I need to take better care of myself through getting back to things that help me stay sane and balanced, like my usual fitness routine, but also including asking for help from my husband with the bed routine, with activities and allowing myself some extra splurges, like buying a gift certificate to go to a spa for some time in their spa bath. Can’t wait!

What are you learning to do to ask for help Exceptional Moms? What is a struggle and what is easy for you and your Exceptional Children? I hope you have the tools you need. If not, it’s important to remember to look deep down inside into what matters to you, what makes you laugh, feel alive, and just do it. It’s rarely things that are expensive or impossible. Just do it. You and your child will be all the better for it, and learn what you can handle alone and what you need help with. You’ll both grow to become stronger people. Until next time.

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