Excitement, Sleep Trouble And Managing Emotions

One of Michael’s latest challenges is managing his excitement on Friday evening for the weekend. In addition to the usual issues with falling asleep and anxiety are his excitement at the arrival of the weekend. This is cute, but it can also for worrisome and a little annoying when I’m the one lying down with said individual and want him to fall asleep. I’m exhausted at that point of the week and want to sleep, or work on my writing, or unwind, or get a drink. :). You get the idea. Anyway, I’m in the process of teaching Michael how to handle good nervousness and bad nervousness and how if you get a good night’s rest, you’ll have an even better day. So far it’s working, for the most part. We have our challenges.

Michael is teaching me too how to manage my emotions, excitement and stress. I’m currently nervous and waiting in anticipation to hear about a job. I’m on pins and needles and have realized that focusing too much on it is only making me crazy. I tell Michael, one day at a time. I tell him to leave things in God’s hands. He knows best. This is hard advice to follow though. I know if something is meant to be, it will be. I also know we all get discouraged sometimes, whether it is about money, relationships, a trip, any of these things not happening as quickly or the way we expected. But then that is life. Learning how to handle our emotions, good and bad, positive and negative, with humor, with honesty and with good coping skills. Michael and I are growing in wisdom in this way together.

How do you Exceptional Moms handle emotions? What coping skills do you use? How do your Exceptional Children handle emotions? I’m sure you are showing them good coping mechanisms, and if you sometimes fail to do this, don’t beat yourselves up. Tomorrow’s another day. And they will slowly learn how to manage their emotions as you model a good example to them. Until next time.

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