Day: November 4, 2015

Pretend Playing School-Making Sense of Life Using Play

Michael has once again begun playing the game of school with me. He likes to recreate the school day with his figurines and me. It is fun and educational, and I can see that he is using this to make sense out of his world and what is happening in his life. I used to play school and games of life with my toys and it was all to understand and make sense of the world around me. I see that now. Back then as a child, I was just having fun.

It’s been great to see Michael taking an interest again in play. So many parents and kids don’t make the time to play. It’s not an easy to do. Life is busy, and it’s so much simpler to try and squeeze more work, chores and other things into the day. After all, we don’t think of play as teaching us anything, but really, it teaches kids and adults everything. Play is the time when kids learn about themselves, their roles and others’ roles in the world, practice language and socializing, and use their creativity. I look forward to the day Michael can do it alone, yet I do enjoy my part in playing school. It brings me back to my childhood and creativity and gives me an insight into my child and his mind.

Play is something that as adults we forget is still important. Practicing a hobby, a sport, going out for a walk and joining a choir or other group helps us relive our carefree, or hopefully carefree, childhood. We free our minds from worry, replenish our soul, and though we don’t realize it, re-energize to be balanced in the rest of our life. I am learning that I have to do this again, and will enjoy doing it.

Exceptional Moms, when was the last time you played? Do you encourage your Exceptional Children to play? It’s important that all members of the family have this down time to recharge and find out who they are inside. Only when we know this, can we truly feel happy. Until next time.