Pride And Security – Great Strides In Academia and Life

I have been heaving a small sigh of relief over the last few days, and also have been extremely surprised. Michael has been receiving homework and has been enjoying it! He has been bringing home some work and enjoying showing me what he has learned. I am also able to encourage him and see where he is hard on himself. I tell him to stop if I feel he is beating himself up. He reminds me of me at that age. I was always my own worst critic!

I have also seen him gradually become more relaxed, and he has been asking me about how I am going to help him become relaxed and did I take out books  to do that? I told him yes. Last week after a fight with him, I went to the library and got some books on anxiety. The reading has been interesting to learn about tools for my own anxiety, as well as to help give Michael extra tools to help.

“You are doing that for me Mommy? Why?”

“Because I love you, and I want you to know you don’t have to worry.”


“I am always here to help you, but I want to teach you to help yourself. I know you can. You’re a brave boy.”

“I love you Mommy. You’re the best Mommy God ever gave me.”

“And I love you. And you are the best son God ever gave me.”

He’s been doing lots of hugging with me, in the morning and after school. He’s been telling me he loves me. It’s so sweet and unexpected as he’ll still have his moments when Mommy is an idiot or stupid. I’ve even gotten “I hate you.” It felt like he’d morphed into a teenager, but I digress. I can see his progress in handling his anxiety and sharing with me and the psychologist at school, and I’m so proud of him.

Michael has showed me how far I have come too in tackling my demons in academia, the work world, and in my personal life. I am honest about what I need to change and when I need to ask for help, and as a result am a much happier human being now.

How have your Exceptional Children learned to handle anxiety and shown pride in their accomplishments? How have you helped them Exceptional Moms, and how have they helped you to succeed in doing this? I’m sure, as in all good relationships, you’ve succeeded in helping each other, and now you can both look on as you continue to grow in trusting and building a loving bond together. Until next time.

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