Meeting People at the Right Time-Synchronicity in the Universe

I’m learning the older I get, that there are no coincidences and we meet certain people for a reason. Michael has been the number one person to teach me that. After all, most of the people I was supposed to meet to turn my life around, I met since he was born or shortly thereafter. There are the tough days I have with him, like last Sunday, when I went to crawl into a ball and go to sleep until the problem of his anxiety goes away, and instead, he pushes me to go out and interact with the world. After he apologized to me last weekend, he asked me if I could take him to the library.

“Please Mommy. I want to take out new books.”

And it was true. He’d finished reading the other ones with me. But there was something else in his eyes that I saw, some unseen force telling me I needed to go to the library. There was also this twinge in my stomach, my gut. It was screaming at me to go even as my physical body was trying to stop this nonsense and now was relegating itself to a cup of tea in bed with the covers pulled up. 🙂

“OK, Michael. We’ll go.”

So we went to the library, and guess who I saw there? A woman who I’ve recently become friends with and network with for business! She was there with her small son. I saw down and we started talking. I’ve been running into her all own town, and I realized, this is the universe saying something huge about the role she and I will play in each others’ lives. The other beautiful thing that spawned was a new friendship between Michael and her son. To watch them shake each other’s hands and introduce themselves was so beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. And all of this happened because Michael gave me that push. When he does this, the result is always something perfect, magical. He has that inner sense more developed than I do, and mine is strong when I listen to it.

This is not the first time I have seen synchronicity at work in my personal or work life. It’s there, and it’s powerful if we connect the dots and see what is the world telling us about where we need to be. That is the key question. Sometimes things are revealed that we don’t want to deal with, negative situations, people, but it all happens for a reason. The universe is trying to steer us in the right direction if we let it.

Exceptional Moms, how often have you seen the work of synchronicity in your lives, either due to your children’s influence or your own? How often have you followed the cues? How often have you ignored them? Trust me, follow those cues. If they are right you will feel the pull in your gut telling you, and that pull is unmistakable. You will feel that it is right. If you don’t feel that pull, don’t go for it. Also, pay attention to who keeps popping up in your life. That is a sign that they are there for a reason. And don’t be afraid to let your child lead you to the right people. They are seldom wrong, as that sense of inner knowing is far more developed in their bodies as in ours. Until next time.

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