Centering Yourself By Simplicity-Michael’s Lesson

“I love you Mommy. You’re the best Mommy in the whole world that God gave me.”

“Do you like me Mommy?”

“I’m very luck I have so many toys.”

“Can you hug me Mommy?”

These  are the phrases I remember when I’m having challenging days with Michael. I hope he does the same with me. It’s been a rough month for both of us with his anxiety, but as the saying goes, the silver lining on the cloud have been what he has been saying above. He has also said some not so choice things to me, pretty much like any kid does when they’re mad. We all did it as children, and I did not hold those against him, especially as he apologized pretty much right after. We have had some beautiful moments in the last couple of days. We did some bike riding together, looked at photo albums with pictures of family members. Michael enjoyed both these experiences smiling and shouting “Whee!” as he went down a little hill, and asking tons of questions about family members in the photos we looked at. We even showed him our wedding video not too long ago. He smiled and enjoyed seeing the people he recognized in the video and even made some sobering comments which touched my heart, like when he saw my mother, who has hip problems and walks with a cane, walking freely and dancing with my father. I did get married, ouch, seventeen years ago. 🙂

“There’s grandma! She’s walking and dancing. I wish she could do that now, and didn’t need a cane. It makes me sad, Mommy.”

I gave him a hug and told him it made me sad too. These sweet memories sustain me through the harder times, and I could see that even with his anxiety, Michael has lots of happy moments. That is what I want most for him, to be happy and healthy, enjoy his life, and grow into the amazing person he is meant to be. After all, in only eight and a half years, he has shown me how to be a happier and healthier person and opened up my eyes to how rich life really is. All our children do this, but sometimes we are too busy to hear them. We need to stop as parents and listen.

Exceptional Moms, what moments do you most cherish with your Exceptional Children? What times are made more special because of what you both said and did? I think the most important thing we can teach our children is to be happy with the simple things in life and not take these for granted, like health, family, friends and hobbies we enjoy. Only in keeping our lives simple, will it be easier to live in the moment, cherish that moment, and made it register and count for our child and ourselves for years to come. Until next time.

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