How Abundance Works

I am slowly learning about something wonderful. It is called abundance. Michael has been teaching me about abundance for years. Abundance means looking at your life as a whole, and seeing all the blessings you have globally, not just in one category. Some of us are healthier than others, some have more friends, some have more money, but everyone, if their life is balanced enough, have abundance in more than one area of their life that makes their life whole. Most of us have family and friends who love us, co workers who respect us, a home, food, luxuries and money for things like leisure pursuits and holidays. We have abundance already, but if we are caught up in a mindset that says only wealth will buy true happiness, or a successful marriage will buy true happiness, or a child will buy this happiness, then we are missing out on the full happiness that is our life. We work on the things we want and are lacking, while at the same time appreciating the things we have that are good. Those of us that have children have learned to do this. Our children have taught it to us, reminding us to live in the moment, appreciate the fun things, the beauty of nature, a get together with a good friend, health and its treasures. Michael has showed me countless times how lucky I am even when I have worried, and now, in the last year, I have really seen the light of what abundance and being rich is. My family, my friends, my health, my writing are all blessings. Other things will come. Material abundance will come as I remember to count my blessings and recall that when I let go, things will fall into place.

Exceptional Moms, how much abundance do you have? I’m sure it’s more than you think you have, and in more than one area. Your child or children are one area of your abundance that show you all the important things you need to be concerned about, loving, living and playing, and learning all you can in life. When you are joyful and in the moment, you can see your blessings more clearly and live the life you are meant to live. Until next time.

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