“Is God In My Heart When I’m Mad?” Exceptional Questions about Anger and Forgiveness

So the other day Michael threw me another curve ball, one of the religious variety.

“Mommy, is God in my heart when I’m angry?”

“God is always with you, but He lets you choose how to feel and act. When you’re angry, do you think you’re acting like God wants you to?”
“No, I don’t Mommy.”

“You’re right. But remember, God forgives you your sins. He forgives everyone their sins and you can always start over. Daddy and I feel the same way. We all make mistakes and need to be forgiven.”

“Oh, ok. I don’t know if I believe in God anymore. I can’t see him.”

“It’s hard eh Michael? We can’t see God with our eyes, but remember that we can feel Him with our heart, and see His work in nature. God made everything in the world.”

” I know Mommy. Can I look at maps now?”

And so ended our religion class for the day. Michael is honestly an amazing kid who comes up with great questions for me, always when I least expect it, but I do my best to answer them as well as I can. I also appreciate how much his questions teach me. It gives me an idea what is going on in his head, his worries and fears, and his curiosity. All these things are beautiful and exciting to see.

I had questions about religion like that only when I entered my twenties. Until then, I pretty much followed what my parents said and did. I didn’t question much. Then I went through an agnostic then an anti church phase, which brought me back to the balance of today, where I am a Christian Roman Catholic, but I subscribe to many other forms of religious truth and follow a lot of their tenets. This includes Buddhism and Hinduism, as well as some tenets of pantheism. My parents always left the floor open for my brother and I to have deep discussions with them about life, religion, politics, and I knew that I would do the same with my child. Just because he has autism did not mean we would not have these deep discussions and I was right. We are having them!

What deep questions do your Exceptional Children ask? How do you handle them? Are they challenging or calm discussions? I really believe that the way we as parents answer the questions mean as much as our children asking them. Our answers help define us and our children, as well as our future bonding and viewpoints. I wish all of you great discussions in the future. Until next time.

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