Day: October 16, 2015

Brain Balancing and Understanding Our Exceptional Children Better

Michael is very smart and anxious. This is something I am understanding more about him each day and learning how to help him becomes easy in some ways, more challenging in others. I was fortunate to find out about an amazing conference called The Moms conference where I downloaded and listened to many great podcasts, one of which has really made the biggest impact. It was called “What is Happening In The Brain of a Child With Learning, Behavioral, or Academic Challenges-How To Recognize And Change It”. The man interviewed was a Dr. Robert Melilllo and a mom, Tammy Bingham who used his program and saw amazing results in her two sons with challenges. He spoke of a technique “Brain Balancing” which talked about how kids with challenges of all types had imbalances in the right and left parts of their brains. One part was usually stronger, the left, while the right never developed to balance out the left. Neurons that were there were not turned on, and that is why children have the learning issues with gross motor delays, fine motor delays, language etc. He spoke of the “Brain Balancing Centers” where parents can follow the program to help their children, as well as his books written to help parents who want to learn at home. The one that struck me was his book “Disconnected Kids”. I am very curious to read and learn about this program in all the books he wrote. As he talked on the podcast, I heard Michael and many of his friends described in detail. Most importantly, I agreed with what Dr. Mellillo said. Most of these children were geniuses and very bright. They just needed to be encouraged in the areas of their strengths. Once their handicapped areas were corrected through the techniques he wrote about, they were unstoppable and achieved all they could. It’s so nice that there are these positive messages out there now for Exceptional Parents and their Exceptional Children.

This podcast made me think of how far Michael has come in his social development, his learning, and his communication in general. I especially liked the way he emphasized about movement in children, how physical playing helps them develop and grow in so many ways, and helps their brain in so many ways. It reminded me of how much Michael developed as a result of playing in school and at home. It made me think how much play was integral to me as a child and an adult. It has opened up my mind and made me feel more balanced. He also talked about digestive issues with children on the spectrum, and how that affects behavior. This is definitively something I will be exploring with Michael further.

Exceptional Moms, what do you do when the old techniques you use to help your Exceptional Children stop working? Do you do things completely differently or just fine tune what you already have? What do you do for yourselves when what you used stops working? I have learned that it is always important to keep an open mind, explore, and learn about new ways of being and doing both for you and your child. It is the best way to get positive results. Until next time.