Day: October 15, 2015

Exceeding Expectations And This Mother’s Exceptional Lesson

So Michael can ride a bike really fast, like so fast that I was huffing and puffing chasing after him down the street as he zoomed away at top speed. It turns out that the other bike with training wheels that he had was too small for him, and that was why he needed me to push him and he pedaled at a turtle’s pace. I was suspecting as much, but was afraid to put pressure on him, and I feel sad to admit that I also did not want to have expectations that were too high. Though I hate when people underestimate Michael, and I usually do the exact opposite, I sometimes underestimate him too. It’s not because I think he can’t. It’s just that when I see him having a tough time with academic things,  I don’t want to come across as pushing him with other milestones, like bike riding. It is something so easy for kids without neuro-developmental challenges, but the steps needed to ride a bike are actually quite complex. But like everything else Michael surprises me with, he eventually does what other kids do, only in his own time and way. And it’s always phenomenal. So on a cool but sunny fall day he had me amazed, proud and emotional as he sped away from me at top speed. Once in awhile he looked back to make sure I was watching him. I gave him thumbs up and told him to look forward not back. Good analogy for life.

As with everything else, Michael is showing me how to look forward in my life, always believe I can achieve anything I put my mind to, and to stop being my own worst critic. I am getting better at all of the above every day. Mostly, I am getting better at believing in myself and the people around me thanks to Michael. He is unassuming, honest and puts his heart and soul into everything he does. As each day passes, I am more proud to be his mother.

How have your Exceptional Children exceeded your expectations of them? How have you started exceeding your own expectations for yourself? And at other times, how have you underestimated yourself and your child? It’s not a crime, only a human reaction. But if you can learn to never put limits on yourselves and your children again, you can only grow in spirit and both of you will accomplish amazing things. Until next time.