Thanksgiving Blessings And Exceptional Family Times

So it’s Thanksgiving, one of my favorite days of the year. I try and be grateful every day now for my family and all the blessings I have in my life, health, love, friends, a home and food on the table. We celebrate Thanksgiving traditionally with our immediate family, a turkey lunch and a small prayer of thanks and expressing our appreciation for the blessings in our life. Michael also has his way of celebrating the long weekend, bargaining for extra junk food (which he got cause Dad had a wedding to go to and Mom stayed home with junior and didn’t want to cook) :), playing at parks, going to his favorite mini shopping mall to walk around, and watching a little bit of extra tv and doing a little more map navigating on his phone with Google maps. Hey, to each his own they say. πŸ™‚Β  We also celebrated his grandparents’ wedding anniversary with a little cake and coffee that Michael baked. He was so proud to help me make a vanilla sprinkle cake. πŸ™‚

After lunch today, we will be going apple picking at a nearby farm and enjoying the last long weekend until Christmas. So far we have separated as a family with one of us taking Michael out on excursions while the other parent was cleaning or writing or getting downtime. I look forward to this afternoon when our family will have our own private Thanksgiving celebration. These moments are precious and sometimes few and far between sadly, as life gets busy. We try though to make time as a family to do fun things. Saturday we went to see a movie as a family. It was a sensory friendly screening from Autism Speaks and was lots of fun. Everything is lots of fun with Michael in our lives as his father and I are encouraged to look around and celebrate the joy of life, family and togetherness.

How have your Exceptional Children made Thanksgiving special for you and yours, Exceptional Moms? How has having children in general made you celebrate the little things? That is what life is all about, remembering the little things, because as a wonderful saying I found somewhere online said, “it’s the little things that become the big things as you age.” Happy Thanksgiving! Until next time.

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