Past Lives, Memories of the Ocean, and Everything In Between-Exceptional Breakfast Banter

I have such a cool kid. I remember this on mornings like today when things are going very well. It helps me when times are tough. He likes to tell stories. He usually mixes in various elements, real and fictional, though sometimes I wonder if he thinks they are fictional. I have spoken before in my blog about how Michael will talk about a time he lived with his uncle, aunt and young cousin. Then he will say, I came to you and Daddy because God said you would be my parents. Yesterday, he went a step further in the story.

“I lived with Uncle Barney (not his real name) until Jeff, my baby cousin, was born last year. Then Uncle Barney brought me to the hospital and I was born and came home with you and Daddy.”

I paused listening to this, and got a little shiver down my spine. I am currently reading about Edgar Cayce and his belief in reincarnation, how we have all lived past lives, only we cannot recall it. He was able to do this while asleep and would give people cures for ailments as well as find out who people were in past lives. I wonder. Michael obviously didn’t live with my brother, but what if he is somehow recalling something from the past? I’ve heard some kids with autism have abilities that are extraordinary. I found it really interesting that Michael has started expanding on this as I am reading Edgar Cayce’s story. Regardless, I keep an open mind no matter what. Michael could also be mixing up different stories, playing around with themes, training for his fiction writing career. Ok, that’s Mom pride talking, but you never know. πŸ™‚

This got me thinking though, what are memories? How do we remember things best? It’s usually be what other people tell us. But I have had times when I have been somewhere for the first time, yet gotten the feeling that I’ve been there before, really know this place. IIt happened to my mother. We had gone to Florida for a family vacation. We were walking on the beach, and my Mom commented that she’d been here before. She felt it, but couldn’t explain. And the feeling was a positive feeling, like something good had happened. She had been reading about Edgar Cayce as well at the time. I was only ten, and thought his theories a little strange. In this book, “The Story of Edgar Cayce” by Thomas Sugrue, Edgar Cayce talks about the soul and subconscious having an internal knowing, a sense of what is right and wrong, of where to go, what to do. He talks that when it achieves total perfection in being it does not come back again on earth. I wonder if that’s the case for us. It has been fascinating to me to see how Michael’s mind is remembering and processing memories, and at the most unusual times too. Breakfast of all things. He never ceases to amaze me what he picks up from what I say. I can’t wait to continue talking with him about his memories as he gets older and seeing where he goes. I have a feeling there will be lots of questions for me to answer. πŸ™‚

Exceptional Moms, how do your Exceptional Children remember things? How do you express their earliest memories? A lot of our children have them from when they were super young. Has this changed as they got older? I want you to think also of how you transfer down your memories, your family storiesl. This is truly a way to bond, and teach about the importance of passing down information as well as creativity if they are interested in embellishing, just a little. Here’s wishing you all a great trip down memory lane! Until next time.

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