Turn Taking Games And Mother/Son Bonding

Last Friday I had a great time with Michael at the park. He tried to put his basketball in the net a few times, went on the swings and slides, and then turned to me and asked me to participate in some new games with him.

“Mommy, let’s play tag! You’re it!”

He ran off laughing while I chase him and tagged him. We did this a few times until it was time to catch our breath. After that we played hide and seek. Here I still need to work with Michael as he deliberately finds easy places to hide from me still. I know he is ready for a more challenging hiding place. Then the last game we played was Simon Says. We had a lot of fun with this one.

“Simon Says hop on one foot.” I said.

“Simon Says shake your bum and make this sound.” And Michael proceeded to make weird noises and shake his butt while laughing. So I did the same. And there we were in the park, crazy Mom and son laughing our heads off. It reminded me of how my Dad used to goof around with my brother and I when we were kids. Michael loves hearing stories about his beloved Nino, Italian for grandfather, who even today in his mid seventies still jokes around with Michael when they play together. We stayed for an hour at the park and then headed home for supper. It was a fun afternoon.

Looking back on that day, I see how far Michael has come in playing, really playing with someone. Turn taking games are rudimentary still, but he is getting there. He wants to interact and play with someone. I look forward to the day he can do these games with peers. Still, I enjoyed this bonding with him. It reminded me how fun being a kid is, how letting loose can be so nice after a busy work day.

Do your Exceptional Children give you reminders how to let loose? Do they like to play turn taking games with you, siblings or friends? It’s important to connect with others in whatever way we can, as well as remember to have fun and goof around whether we’re alone or in company once in awhile. I truly believe it is what will help us to become more resilient in times of stress. Another life lesson our Exceptional Children can teach us. Until next time.

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