The Music In Michael’s Soul Is The Universe Talking

With all the anxiety and stress Michael feels, I am still amazed at times at how positive he is. He loves life and shows it. My favorite times with him are when we are driving in the car and he is singing along to songs on the radio, or lately from a selection of CD’s I bring into the car. So far we have exposed Michael to all kinds of music, from jazz, to pop, hip hop (old school so the language is child friendly ;)) and classical as well as rock and folk. So far his favorites this month have been an old Janet Jackson CD, Jewel, and Dido. He also has liked James Blunt and Ed Sheeran, as well as Andrea Bocellli and Il Volo. My boy has good taste! 🙂  He also likes to sing when he is rocking on the couch and heaven forbid I start to sing along or sing another song.

“Mommy, sing in your head. I’m singing now.”

I kid you not. But I love to hear him singing. The other day he was a humming a tune. I recognized it as Sia’s latest song. I’m a big fan of hers as well. It’s called Elastic Heart. He was so excited that I recognized him singing it and we started singing a duet together. We’ve had many of these moments when I see the music in Michael’s soul and the way he expresses it. He likes soulful music, high pitched voices, folk and some pop. A lot of the song are sad and they seem to fascinate him. I wonder if he relates in his own way to the music. Sia, I heard, suffered from depression and a lot of her songs reflect her battle and getting through the dark times. That is partially why I like her music. As I age, I like music that is not just peaches and roses and romance. I’m still a sappy romantic at heart as those who know me best know, but I also am gravitating to music that shapes the way we see the world in times of sadness and happiness. Knowing others have fought the battle of darkness inside and won, gives me hope that I can continue to remain strong in my dark moments.

What is some of your favorite music, Exceptional Moms? How different is it from your children’s or is it the same? Do you share music with them? It’s a great bridge for people of all abilities to cross, and once you are on that bridge, you can learn so much more about yourself and your Exceptional Child. Or, as in my case, your Exceptional Child can show you so much of what and who you are and have become. Until next time.

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