Caring and Affection For Friends-More Michael Teachings

Only children have that amazing ability to drive us crazy one minute and make us want to kiss them the next! Motherhood is an exhilarating and exhausting job I tell you. But the other night, I had an amazing moment with Michael. He is worried about a friend of his that has a condition where he has many seizures during the course of a day. It has been incredible to watch Michael mature in his response and questions regarding his friend’s condition. First he would ask what was wrong when his friend would need to go lie down, he went through a period of time when he was scared for his friend, and now recently, he learned the word seizures from hearing the teachers at his school say it. His father and I use the word too now as a result, instead of “boo boos in his head” that I used previously. I know it’s a clunky way of saying it, but I didn’t want to risk alarming Michael, and didn’t know how to explain the real word. So the other night in bed, the conversation went like this:

“Mommy, why does (friend’s name), fall sometimes in the playground? Is he having a seizure?”

“Yes, honey.”

“Why does it happen Mommy?”

“I don’t know sweetheart.”

“Was he born with them?”

“Yes. The doctors are doing everything they can to help him, honey.”

Then he paused for a second and I couldn’t have been prouder of him for what he said next.

“Can I do something to show him I care Mommy? I want to be a good friend to him.”

My eyes filled with tears.

“You are a good friend to him honey. But doing a nice thing for a friend is a great idea. What were you thinking of doing?”

“I want to bake him some cookies and bring them to him in school. I’ll ask him if he likes craisin oatmeal cookies. Can I do that?”

“Yes, honey. That’s a great idea. We can bake some later in the week and you can bring them in.”

I was so proud of him for thinking of someone else and their feelings, and finding a way to show he cared! My little boy was growing up.

He also reminded me to remember to check in with my friends who were going through a rough time as they did with me. It has been awhile since I phoned a friend up to chat. I realized I need to be getting back to that, connecting, and letting my close friends know I am there even if I can’t do more than listen to them or bring over some food or baked goods. 🙂

In what ways have your Exceptional Children surprised you with their empathy, Exceptional Moms? In what ways have you been a part of teaching them that? I do take credit for teaching Michael about charity coming from the heart, about doing good for others. His father has done the same thing as has our church. I’m sure you have also done your part with your children, so remember to notice the good things they do for others, commend them on it, and remember to keep doing that in your own life. You will feel connected more to others and yourself as a result. Until next time .

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