Living In The Moment and Exceptional Fun Fall Activities

I never used to be a big fan of fall growing up. I missed the long hazy days of summer, and did not like the shorter cooler days that came. But now, being a mother, I look forward to fall as a return to routine for all our family, and for other reasons as well. Reasons that Michael has introduced to me. Baking for one. I actually really enjoying baking and cooking with the apples that Michael brings home when his school would take him apple picking. I also enjoy the nature walks in the brisk morning with him, and even raking the leaves. Yes, he does two seconds of raking before jumping into a pile. Then I would join him. What fun! It would bring me back to my childhood. All these types of things that I had taken for granted before kids. We also bake at Thanksgiving and there’s the fun and festivity around Halloween. I’m looking forward to all of these activities as is Michael. He will talk about them with excitement.

Like with so much in my life, since Michael’s arrival it has become more full of life, energy and joy. Yes, there are stressful moments that are quite stressful, yet even there I think to myself how can I help my little boy be true to himself, how can I teach him to express his needs appropriately? It takes time, and most of the time, he is showing me how positive he is about life and how he wants to do better. I am proud of how he faces challenges, and even when he wants to back down, how he fights and gets back up again. Michael has also shown me how life is to lived in the simple moments, a walk to the park, an ice cream at his favorite parlor, baking or cooking together, a visit to his best friend’s house. It reminds me of all the things I used to take for granted in my life. Not anymore.

How have your children showed you the fun in every day life, in every season? How have they reminded you to live in the present, Moms? Think about taking time today with your child, and when you are alone, to enjoy the present moment, feel young at heart, and plan for those fun fall family activities. You and your child will look back in pleasure at the memories you have made. Until next time.

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