New Activities, New Challenges-Embracing Change

Michael never ceases to amaze me. Although change is still a hard thing for him, and he often needs warning when moving from one activity to another, he wants to try new things lately. For example, he did not want to do soccer this year, he asked instead for tennis lessons. He’s also showing an interest in basketball, wheras before he was sticking to the extra-curricular activities he knew, like swimming and soccer. We started him in skating lessons last year, and now he is ready to continue learning with me. I should be able to help him a little more this year as I finally got my butt on skates again after a LONG hiatus, and was able to stand up on the ice unassisted. 🙂 But I digress. These changes are encouraging because they are showing me how Michael is embracing new activities, and new challenges. Yes, he is nervous, but he is forging ahead, and sometimes even choosing how to do it! This is a huge change from the little boy that needed predictability every step along the way. Even with friends, he is open to meeting new people. He loves to tell me about the new kids in his class, though at recess he’ll play with his old friends.

This got me thinking how I too used to crave sameness and was afraid to venture out of my safety bubble, both in my career and personal life. In the last few years, in various circumstances Michael has pushed me out of my comfort zone, from going places in the car that are unfamiliar to me (with my sense of direction it’s challenging), to trying new activities with Michael (crafts and climbing up play center structures), to baking (I never thought I would make some of the things I’m making!) to the people I have talked to in order to help Michael. And of course now in my career I am taking a new direction, change for the better, challenging myself every step along the way.

How have your Exceptional Children got you to embrace change, Exceptional Moms? I’m sure you do things now that you never would have done in a million years prior to your kids being born. This is a good thing. We can only grow through change, and good and bad change can be equally beneficial. I know this from firsthand experience, and sometimes we need a little of each to help us in our growing pains. So today I wish you and your family many new activities, challenges and adventures together. You will grow together as a result. Until next time.

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