Playing Games The Exceptional Way

Yesterday afternoon after having snack, Michael asked me how to play “Rock, Paper, Scissors.” One of the kids at his after school program, which he attends two afternoons a week, was talking to him about it. I was excited to show him, but before I had a chance he had a request;

“Mommy, can I show you my version of this game first?”

Interesting. I thought.

“Sure buddy.”

He already had an idea of the game being that you did some sort of gesture to signal each of the three things. For paper, he took out some red construction paper. ( I was allowed choose the color). This was paper. He took the scissors and started to cut the paper.

“This is ’cause scissors cut paper, right?”

I nodded. Then he scrunched all the little pieces of paper in a ball.

“And now this is rock!” He announced.

I was so proud of him! What an original way to view the game!  At the end of his game, he cleaned up the paper and was heading to the garbage to throw it out.

“You’re not mad I’m wasting paper, are you Mommy?”

Yes, I’m a frugal Mom, I admit. I would often get angry when he would tear out a sheet of construction paper only to throw it out. There was obviously a purpose to him doing that in the past, but I had not been aware of it, so had gotten upset. I look more closely at how and why he does things now, so am much more flexible in my thinking.

“No buddy. You are not wasting paper. You showed me a real cool version of “Rock, Paper, Scissors. I love it!”

Michael smiled.

“Can I show you the version I know?” I asked.

He nodded excitedly and I showed him. He liked it and we played.

“Now you know two versions of the game to play at daycare.”

That is what he calls the after school program up the street from us.

Not only did I have a fun time with my son playing at home, but once again Michael gave me that little peak inside his very interesting brain and how it works differently from the average child’s. I was also proud he was using his imagination which he is starting to do more of each day. It is at times like these that I have the most fascinating glimpses of my child and how he views the world. He reminds me how to think outside the box, and challenges the way I think the world works. Yes, there are games with rules. Yes, we need to follow them in order for things to run smoothly. But sometimes new rules and new games can make a new order and sense of the world, and open us up to other possibilities.

How do the way your Exceptional Children play games and think outside the box define your world, Exceptional Moms? How have they made you see the world ? Yes, our children have sensitivities and sometimes our world moves too fast for them. But they also see detail and order in a way we don’t, and this can help us lead richer lives as we stop looking at things as how they are, but rather how they could be or are perceived by someone who sees in another light. So here’s to playing the game of life in an exceptional way, and viewing it as something new and exciting. Until next time.

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