Exceptional Fall Organizing For This Mom

Fall is truly a time of new beginnings. I once saw an article where a Mom wrote that for her, fall is almost like New Year’s Day. She does her list of resolutions that she wants to make to be off to a fresh start. For me, the fall is always about organizing the house with a thorough cleaning out of drawers and cupboards, getting into a new routine with Michael for bedtime and weekends when his extracurricular activities resume, and since last year, getting myself organized with a new way of looking at how I handle anxiety and stress, mine and Michael’s. I’ve come a long way from the woman who would have a zillion ideas to do in one week, and when they wouldn’t get done, she would be hard on herself. I’ve learned how to be realistic in what I can and can’t do, and am showing this example to Michael. I have also learned that I need to prioritize things like my own physical and mental well being, and that I need and deserve to find paid work that increases me as a human being, and doesn’t diminish me.

Michael has more anxiety about school this year because it is more about “work” than play, and because he is having to learn things that challenge him. Interestingly, he is mirroring my own anxieties  of all the new information I am taking in while I learn about the exciting world of Social Media and publishing in genera,l and how it’s changed. Unlike Michael though, I am challenged by the new information I am taking in, (though at eight years old I have felt the same as him), but there is a small fear in me of failing, as there is in Michael, as there is in all of us, I think. We are both excited/nervous as he would say about our challenges, so I have been in the process of finding ways to help Michael adjust to his new challenges, and this week, in week two of starting back to routine, I will be doing the same for myself. I will be using tools that have always helped to center me, meditation, yoga, exercise and positive visualization. I also will add and adjust things on the Vision Board I created about ten months ago. Lots has changed in my life for the better since then, so I am geared up and ready for my new season as well.

Exceptional Moms, does fall signal a new start for you as it does for your children? Do you make resolutions that you keep and are you realistic about what you can and can’t do? Wherever you are in your lives, I wish you a fresh start this fall, and hope that the techniques you use to push yourself forward, end up helping you and your family in positive ways. Until next time.

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