Labor Day Weekend-Unwinding As An Exceptional Family

I can’t believe we are already approaching the 1st weekend in September, and with it, the Labor Day Long weekend! Unofficially, it usually denotes the last long weekend of summer, though the calendar and weather are cooperating to keep summer around a little longer! (Yeah, from this gal! I smell one last BBQ! 🙂 ). With the upcoming long weekend, I feel that I have lots to celebrate this year. I had a good summer. I worked temporarily in a different industry, and went out of my comfort zone. I managed to see some friends in the later part of the summer, and I continued, (and will continue) with love, to pour my heart and soul into my blogs. I also have had the opportunity to share my blogs elsewhere and will continue to do so. I am grateful to God and the universe beyond measure! Michael had a good summer too. The structure of camp and the down time with me was a pretty good balance for him this year. And Michael’s Dad has gotten even closer to Michael over the summer, so that there were activities where they went just the two of them.  This was great for him and for Michael. As an Exceptional Family and as individuals, we’ve all made strides. It wasn’t always easy, but we persevered together. And now, we are closer as a result.

So here we come to a long weekend where I will actually be home the whole time with my family! This is a luxury I haven’t experienced in many months. I am excited, and I think my boys are too. We will be visiting relatives, going to parks, and relaxing together. It should be fun to have one more little hurrah before the structure of school and work fully come into the picture. We’ve been through a lot in the last year as a family, most of it good, much of it challenging, and I see us facing the new season with renewed energy and focus.

Exceptional Moms, how will you be spending your long weekend with your families? Are you looking forward to one more hurrah of summer and summer-like leisure? I hope so.  After all, that’s what long weekends are for, coming together and re-energizing. I wish you many memory making moments alone and together with your family. Until next time.

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