Abundance and Dreaming Big For Exceptional Moms And Kids

I have heard a lot in my life about the power of dreaming and dreaming big. A part of me believed it, but a part of me thought it was only something people said to themselves to keep their spirits up. Dreams didn’t always come true, but it was good to try for them. Well, I now see how wrong I was! First, I was proven wrong when Michael bloomed the way he did. I truly believe because I and my family have never stopped dreaming big for Michael that he is the talkative, social and intelligent little boy he is today engaging with the world, and getting that world, and the people around him, to engage with him.  It has also been in parenting a child like Michael that I have finally started chasing my writing dream seriously for the first time in years, and really believing that I could touch people’s lives with the power of words. I was scared to go back to my childhood dreams of working as an artist and doing something creative. I had moved so far away from that little girl that I thought I would never go back. I even thought at times that she was a figment of my imagination or childhood wishful thinking, but no, the adult I had become was really the fictional part of myself. She was the part that had so wanted to fit in and be accepted and do the proper thing, that she convinced herself she was in a world where she belonged in when the opposite was true. I had stopped dreaming big for myself, for my career, for who I was inside. I felt like a fraud in my other world, and in a way, I was. I was not being true to the person I was supposed to be. Enter Michael.

I truly believe, as I’ve said many times, that God and the Universe bring people into your life that shake you up and show you what you need to change. Michael is that person for me. When I saw what dreaming big did for my little boy, when I saw that I was an integral part, along with the therapists to bring Michael into our world, and he saw that we believed in him doing big things, I knew I was a changed woman. I also knew I could not go back to doing something with my life, my career, that didn’t fill me with excitement and passion. I knew that would involve risk, doing things I never did before in my life, and stepping out of my comfort zone. These are all things Michael has taught me to do. He has put me at the center of my own story, and I knew that by dreaming big for me, I had nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Exceptional Moms, do you dream big for your child and yourself, or are you afraid to do this? I’m sure you know deep down in your heart that whenever you have dreamed big, only good things came out of it. So today I urge you, whatever dream you have, don’t be afraid to go after it. Be persistent, work hard, and never stop believing in yourself. Think where your child would be if you stopped believing in them. Don’t you deserve that some trust and love for yourself and what makes you feel happy and whole? Of course you do! Until next time.

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