Organizing This Exceptional Mom For The Fall

Yes, it’s that time of year again, when summer is almost finished (sigh), and though the weather still says summer, work and school vacations are pretty much over for most people. Fall, the next season, brings with it thoughts of organization, structure and order for a return to the routine. That feels good to say. Though, like most people, I don’t particularly like when the cooler weather starts and the days get shorter (double sigh), I do like routine, order and getting organized in my family AND for myself. Yes, even before I became an Exceptional Mom, I was a very routine person who functioned best when I was in that routine. I liked having a clean house (now my version of clean varies with the day), I liked working out on chosen days of the week, and I liked cleaning out my cupboards and giving away clothes I didn’t wear anymore. I always had a little tinge of excitement in my heart as well for the newness of the season, the sense of starting over, and would look forward to that fresh start, that change,whether it was when I was a student or when I was in the workforce.

Organizing Michael for the fall has, and still is my top priority, but now I see that organizing myself is just as important. If I’m not organized with his school routine, I’m not much help to him, am I? And, as usual, he is teaching me a different kind of organizing. Yes, there are school calendar PED DAYS to put into my calendar, there are school assignments and new extracurricular activities to work around, but what also comes into question is how am I organizing myself for the fall? Am I getting back to what keeps me in balance, physically, mentally and spiritually? The answer is that yes, I am starting. It may be a few days later than I planned, but I am doing it.

Exceptional Moms, how do you organize your child, your home, your life? What have been your top priorities up to now and what are you changing in those priorities if any? I can tell you one thing from experience. Whatever you choose to keep as priorities, make sure that it resonates deep within you as important in your life for you and your family. You’ll know you’ve chosen well when you wake up and feel positive about starting the day and the season, both for yourself and your child. Until next time.

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