How Exceptional Children Help Us Find Our Paths In Life

The other day I found myself thinking once again about why I am on the path I am on now. For better or worse, since having my son Michael eight years ago all my decisions about how to live are based on how to set a good example for him on what is a good and happy life. Sometimes these decisions are not easy. I can’t hide anymore when I’m unhappy in a relationship, a job, a part of my life. I tell Michael that the most important thing he can do is be true to himself, be a good person and human being, and that one day, he will know what he needs to do with his life. I truly believe, as I’ve said before, that we all have callings or vocations, if you will. They are not always readily apparent to us, and many adults struggle to find their vocation, but once you do, it’s true what is said. You know you can’t go back to living as you did before. You have found your purpose in this world, and we all have one. Of course, an eight year old won’t grasp this, but he can grasp how unhappy his parent is if they are not living the words they are teaching. Whenever I’ve found myself wanting to stray from the words I am teaching Michael, that health, happiness and love of  people far outweigh material concerns about things, I gently but firmly remind myself to practice what I preach about living the best life I can, doing what I love, and making sure I am living the way I am supposed to live,  which is within my means, not being afraid of striving higher, but practicing gratitude for the many blessings I already have.

Michael, like most children, is naturally happy most of the time. Little things like playing in the park, eating a favorite meal, or playing a silly game or telling a joke, constantly keeps him living in the moment, which is something we adults with our worrying and schedules sometimes forget. Michael reminds me daily to live in the present, and when I forget, I ask him for five minutes so Mommy can breathe. When I do, I’m never disappointed as it brings me back to what’s really important and what life is all about. We need to be good to ourselves and to others, and make the world a better place.

How do your Exceptional Children remind you of your gifts? How do they help you stop and breathe? Next time you are feeling stressed Exceptional Moms, witness the incredible miracle that is you, that is your child. We are all gifts in this world to someone and matter a great deal. And it’s only when we stop and think about this, that we will find our true purpose and live joyfully. Until next time.

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