Pushing Past Our Comfort Zones

The other day Michael wanted to go to a splash park. I had never driven there before. Even armed with directions and a friend to read them to me, I was still a little nervous given my tendency to get lost, but we found the splash park and everyone had a great time. It was even an adventure of sorts!

This was a small thing that scared me, but I knew that I must do it. I am also starting to do other bigger things that scare me both professionally and personally. It’s a rush trying out things that force me to stretch myself a little in terms of what I think I can and cannot do, like in a job. It’s not always easy, particularly if it doesn’t go well, but I console myself that I tried and that now it is something I can say I attempted and am no longer afraid of.

In explaining to Michael that he cannot be afraid to try and fail, I am seeing that I cannot be afraid either. It is helping me to take risks in all areas of my life and is showing me how strong I am. As usual, I have Michael to thank for putting me on this path. šŸ™‚

Are you doing things that scare you a little each day of your lives, Exceptional Moms? If not, you’ll never know how many amazing things you’re capable of doing. By testing your own limits, you’ll be setting a great example for your Exceptional Children, that they should always stretch their own limits, and that they should never be afraid to go outside their comfort zone. As a matter of fact, it’s only when they push past their comfort zones, that they will become free of limits that they and society place on them sometimes. Until next time.

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