Growing The Mother/Child Bond

A beautiful thing has started happening lately. My bond with Michael has been growing. He has begun to really understand about sharing his feelings and what emotions are, from anger, to fear, to happiness, to love, and everything in between. We have had some amazing discussions in the last few days about his fears, why he does certain things, and he has started asking me questions of how I felt as a little girl. He loves to hear stories of how I overcame obstacles, learned to be stronger, and sometimes failed, only to be picked up again by my parents. But what is really cool is how when he now tells me he loves me, I can really see that he means it. The other day he accidentally stepped on my toe with his shoe. I yelled out in pain, and he not only apologized, but kissed my cheek and hugged me asking if I was alright. I have started doing Qigong again daily, as well as Wilbargher Protocol with him. He is asking for them again. I am sure this is helping him handle the anxiety he feels, but I also think it is knowing that he can truly trust me with all his thoughts and feelings, and that he can say anything, and I will forgive him and give him a chance. He sees and now knows my love is unconditional.

Yesterday when we were in the park for awhile in the intense heat, I noticed he went to sit under a tree. He looked tired and a bit stressed. I called out did he want company or need a drink. Michael came running over telling me how nice it was that I cared and that he loved me, but that he was fine. It was such a beautiful moment for me.

“You really understand me Mommy, and when you don’t, you ask me to tell you. I am so glad.”

Every morning and night I am showered with kisses, and told I am the “best Mommy in the world that I could ever have asked for, even when I drive you crazy.” I laugh and reiterate the same back to Michael. He is quite an incredible little boy, and as usual, he is showing me each day what I need to do to live life to the fullest.

What key moments have you experienced with your Exceptional Children that made you see that they, and you, had reached a big milestone in your relationship? What I am beginning to see is that when I change and handle my stress and anxiety better, I set the better example for my child. I also am seeing that when I am  confident, calm, and loving to myself, I am better able to be that way for my child. So Exceptional Moms, be yourself with your children and show them they are loved and respected for who they are. Only good things will come out of this for you both. Until next time.

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