The Art And Advantages of Boredom

Today is day two of Michael being home full time with me since his summer camp ended. We have lots of activities and places that we plan to go in the next two weeks, but what I am also trying to concentrate on, is giving Michael the chance to chill out at home. The problem with this has been complaints of boredom or anxiety from Michael, but as a wise friend once told me, boredom is just the thing kids need to get creative and learn their own solutions to problems. So now I am slowly starting to give Michael chances at boredom, and not freak out if he becomes anxious, irritable or demands to go somewhere. I believe that over time he will learn ways to amuse himself doing things that don’t involve the trampoline, swing, or his rocking. These are all fine to help ground or calm an exceptional child, but there is more than meets the eyes to exceptional kids and their abilities as their parents know it!

This morning while waiting for me to finish up some things, I gave Michael some suggestions of things he could do to keep busy. And you know what, he did them all and had fun! I was so proud when I heard him reading his library books to himself,  jumping on the trampoline in our yard and preparing his sand toys for our beach outing, as well as playing on his swing. He also volunteered to feed our cat. I had time to finish stuff on the computer, and he was able, after some gentle encouragement, to entertain himself. Although it is not always easy, I am beginning to see how boredom can be as good a thing for exceptional kids like Michael as they are for all children.

What experiences have you Exceptional Moms had with boredom and your Exceptional Children? I hope that they have had time to expand and do new things, and for you to get a break to do your things. Also, I truly hope it has shown you, as it has me, that we all need down or quiet time to get creative in whatever way we are meant to be. It is what will keep us all balanced. Until next time.

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