Self-Regulating with Swings and Trampolines-Lifesavers for Exceptional Parents!

I am so happy. Michael has gotten to the point that he is aware of what his body needs to calm down, rev up, or balance itself out. His favorite two activities are swinging inside or outside on platform swings, or going on his inside or outside trampoline. I have seen a big difference in him since he figured out how to give his body what it needs. Though his father was a little disappointed getting the outdoor trampoline doesn’t keep him entertained longer in our yard, he is still using it a lot, and we have seen a great difference in how well he is handling stress. Having indoor and outdoor access to these sensory godsends have made Michael calmer and more expressive in his anxiety. The conversation we had about his fears of growing up that I spoke of in yesterday’s blog, are all new for me. It’s been great. Now, this is not to say that these devices solve ALL anxiety, but they have sure helped Michael control his anxiety and stress level.

It got me thinking to the devices us neuro typical folks use to control our stress. I’m talking about the good ones ladies, so that leaves out alcohol. πŸ™‚ All jokes aside, lots of folks like jogging and running as feeling their body hitting the ground stabilizes their mood, stress level. There are also those that like pilates,yoga, massage for the stretching and deep pressure these offer. Some folks swear by swimming to detox their mind and body. I am one of those individuals, and realized the other day that I need to go swimming soon. My body and brain are different after engaging in this type of activity. But as people without a different brain, we don’t analyze what our body needs. We just do it. Well, it’s the same for our Exceptional Children. We need to encourage them to find activities that are positive for stress release, and when they find it, commend them on it.

What activities make you feel zen or relaxed? What do you need to do to reset your body and mind? Once you figure this out, your life will improve as you’ll notice your stress levels go down. You’ll have ways to cope with incoming stress as well. And once you know how to help you, you’ll naturally notice what helps your child. They may have a similar sensory profile to you like Michael and I. I love deep pressure and jumping around too. πŸ™‚ When you find this out, there will be less tension and you’ll get along more easily. Until next time.

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