What Michael Has Taught Me About Body, Mind and Spiritual Balance

With the exception of the last few days, I have been talking out loud to myself A LOT lately. This usually happens when I go grocery shopping, “what other vegetables do I need to buy?” or at home housecleaning, “where is that cleaner?” These are signals for me that I am lonely and need to get out more with my friends. No, I am not crazy, at least not more than usual. 🙂  It also signals  to me that I am anxious and need to relax and write more. So, this week I have been making a point to meet up with friends and have some creative down time. I have done some work on my fiction novel, some poetry writing, and have been paying attention to my mood in the meantime. It’s definitively gone up, and I have been feeling more upbeat and positive overall.

I see with Michael that the same balance is necessary. He spoke to me last night about his need to “stim” in order to balance out his energy, and help him have more time. He of course picked up the word “stim” from therapists. I am trying to alternate that word with playing or relaxing, to show him that this is an appropriate way for him to energize and be at his best. He tells me when he needs me or friends around, when he needs quiet, and when he needs to do things with his hands, like drawing or squeezing toys. We are really a lot alike. I need my time to write, to be alone, to be with friends and to move my body in ways that are calming and balancing through yoga, meditation and cardio. The last few weeks I have been out of balance with being sick, the changes in Michael’s schedule, and with working, but I am starting to find my way again. Listening to my body as I teach Michael to listen to his, really brings things into focus for me.

What is your body telling you today? What messages is it sending about your mental, physical and spiritual health? It’s important to pay attention and follow what your body needs. It’s only when we as Exceptional Moms give our bodies what they need, that we can help our Exceptional Children find their balance in their bodies and world. Until next time.

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