Learning Empathy And How To Read People

I am so excited that Michael is learning how to be empathetic and feel other people’s emotions. He started by sympathizing with his father and I, and then graduated slowly to empathizing with friends. Of course when he is stressed, these feelings go out the window. But the last few days, he has been more in tune with his body, asking for what he needs, and voicing his frustrations by talking about them instead of engaging in challenging behaviors. Don’t get me wrong. We still have our moments, but since the weekend things have been getting better.

I have been on antibiotics for a skin infection and Michael has been checking in with me, asking how I am feeling. Yesterday he surprised me by checking if I had taken my medication. I was so touched and impressed that he remembered, and was genuinely concerned. I smiled and told him today was my last day and that it was healing nicely. Michael also inquires after his father regarding his eating and exercise habits. His Dad has been in the process of losing weight and getting fit. All in all, it’s great to witness this development in Michael. I do worry that he seems nervous about our health sometimes, and that he is not taking these issues too much to heart. Anxiety is a problem for him. But, I console myself that by learning to relate to people like this, he is that much more capable now of handling his own emotions when they happen.

How empathetic are your Exceptional Children? Are they able to see another person’s point of view? How do you model empathy and concern for those around you? This is hard to do sometimes even for us Exceptional Moms. It’s easy to get wrapped up in our own problems and situations. The important thing to remember is that we are all connected to one another. By helping others, we learn to help ourselves be more in tune with who we are. I truly believe that happy people are people who reach out to others in the world. Encourage your children to do the same. You and they will be happier and healthier for it. Until next time.

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