5 Tips to Survive and Thrive in the Last Month Of Your Exceptional Summer Vacation

To paraphrase Michael, “I can’t believe summer vacation is almost over.” Yes, Exceptional Moms. We are in the final countdown until school starts in roughly a month. For some of us it is a joy, for some of us a pain. It all depends on how your child feels about school. More on that from me in another blog. 🙂  Getting back to my original point, I started thinking about how our family has personally thrived and survived in the last two months, and what techniques we’ve used to get by doing this. If you are running out of ideas on how to entertain your Exceptional Children or keep the boredom or anxiety factor of school starting at bay, here are 5 tips that have helped our Exceptional Family survive and thrive this summer.

5 Tips to Survive The Last Leg of Your Exceptional Summer Vacation:

1) Focus on one anxiety-provoking issue at a time, whatever one that is. If your child is nervous about a new camp experience, talk about it as far in advance as you can using pictures, words, visual schedules leading up to the “big day.” Let them “draw or write out” the weekly or daily schedule. Same goes for school or “down time”. In my house, with unstructured time I let Michael pick out some activities that he and I could do when we’re home together for our week or two, and we have alternatives for indoor and outdoor.

2) Make the most of the summertime season with your child. Enjoy the seasonal activities that summer brings; picnics outside, dining “al fresco”, going to parks, nature walks etc. I never regret encouraging outdoor playing with Michael. Then there’s no regret when the colder weather comes!

3) Pace yourself with “back to school” preparations such as buying school supplies, new clothing etc. Don’t go berserk with hitting all the stores over the course of the few weeks or you’ll burn yourself out and not be ready to help your child through the first few days of their new school year or yourself for that matter.

4) Carve out time for yourself as a Mom and in your relationship to your partner. Spend at least a half hour a day doing something fun for you and with your partner. Doing this gives you both a mental and physical break from parenting, and also helps you parent your child better during the “challenging moments” they will throw at you.

5) Reach out to other Exceptional Moms, friends and family. Yes, people go away on vacation and it’s hard to see people frequently, but try your best to get out for an evening once in awhile or a coffee or lunch date. This time with other adults is mandatory for your sanity. I realized that I did not do enough of this in the first leg of my summer, and am correcting it now.

So there you have it ladies. What tips do you use to keep your sanity? I’d love to hear them! Until next time.

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