Michael’s Lesson To Me On Knowing My Own Limits

There have been so many times I have been proud of Michael in the last few months, even during the hard times when it’s been challenging for both of us. Yesterday morning was just one example. Michael woke up alert and calm. He looked up at me, and asked if he could stay home from camp. The groups were going to a big water park as they did last year, and he reminded me that he did not enjoy himself there last year.

“It was a long bus ride Mommy and the park was too big for me. Plus the kids were all so loud. I was nervous. Can I stay home and relax?”

Now, anyone who knows Michael intimately knows that he usually doesn’t ask to stay home unless he means it. He loves to go places. Home is boring, as he has often said to me. I knew he was telling the truth and he needed a break.

“Sure honey. But I have things to do in the house so other than going to the park later this afternoon, we’ll be home all day. What are you going to do?”

“I’ll watch videos and swing in the basement.”

And that is what he did. Later on after lunch we went to the park for a bit and on the walk back he told me how much fun he had at home relaxing, going at his own pace and not being on a strict schedule. Yup. Adults need that sometimes too.

I thought of myself. This week has been about restructuring my time too. I’d been neglecting my writing, my meditation and just plain old stopping and taking a breathing break. Getting sick forces you to look at your priorities differently. And for me, when I crash mentally and spiritually, it’s usually followed by a physical virus or infection or allergies. This month it’s been allergies and a skin infection. I am reorganizing what I put as important, and pacing myself better. What really has to get done now? What can wait? What do I need at this moment?

What eye opening moments have you had with your children? Have you ever seen yourself in them when they are asking for a break from structure and a hectic schedule? Our bodies definitively speak to us when we are not well, but I also believe that God or the Universe send us people to show us how to take care of ourselves to be the best we can. I wish you much insight in setting your own limits, so that you can be the best woman and person you are meant to be. Until next time.

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