Creativity And My Reminder From Michael

Writing is in my blood and has been since I was a little girl. I always loved words, the way they sounded, the way they looked on a page, and the way they were sung in a song. Music was my first introduction to my love of words, and even today though I love melodies, it is the lyrics that usually draw me to a song. The joy I felt when I first learned to read, and later at age ten to devour books, was incredible. To think I could escape my every day world in a fiction novel and story and be drawn into that world still attracts me to this day, and when I’m finished a story, I’m always a little sad to say goodbye to the characters. At times of stress, exhaustion or sickness, I have sometimes gone a few days without reading and sometimes weeks without writing, but it always calls me back. I usually know I need to write when I feel this energy building up inside of me. It can be negative or positive, and my dreams at night get more vivid, intense. I even hear my characters sometimes beckoning me to come back. When I do I find my peace and place in the world.

Michael loves books and reading too and he knows how important reading and writing are to me. He never stood a chance at not liking reading as I read to him from the moment he was born holding him in my arms at night. One day on our way into the library to return some of his books, my Creative Writing Workshop teacher saw us sitting on the bench outside the library. I introduced them, and both were equally pleased to meet the other. Michael was particularly excited as he always had asked me lots of questions about this workshop which the teacher taught at our local library in the conference room. She in turn asked him about his summer plans, and if he liked writing. Michael told her he was still learning how to write his letters, but loved to tell stories and read them. We parted ways after some pleasantries and with her telling Michael maybe he would write stories like me one day.

Fast forward to three weeks later at bedtime. Michael was about to go to bed, when for some reason he brought up this chance meeting and the conversation. He asked about my writing and if he could indeed write stories.

“Sure you can honey. You’re a natural storyteller.”

“How can I write it down?”

“Well, how about you tell me the story and I’ll write it down.”

His eyes lit up immediately and he said he wanted to write a story about his favorite local shopping center and I could share the story at our first writing workshop in the fall.

What reminders do your Exceptional Children give you to stay on mental track and bring back your joy? For all of us, creativity takes many forms. I’m just glad that when I’m off track Michael reminds me how to get back on. Never forget to play Moms. Our creativity is our “inner child.” If she is not nurtured, we feel dead inside and lose out on the joy of living our true purpose in the world. And it’s only when we experience that true joy that we can pass on this message of hope to our children. Until next time.

2 thoughts on “Creativity And My Reminder From Michael

  1. Wonderful Joanne, Michael is a sweet boy, so lovely and creative I’m sure he will be a great writer like you. Keep us updated, I want to know more about his favorite local shopping center πŸ™‚ Tell him that he already has a fan and I want to read his books πŸ™‚


    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed this post Claudia! Thanks also for your kind word regarding my writing and Michael’s disposition and future writing ability. πŸ™‚ You are very sweet. I will tell you more about his favorite shopping centre next time we meet and will let him know about his first book fan! πŸ™‚


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