The Importance of Exercise-Michael’s Lesson To Me

I started regular exercise routine today! I was so excited to do my Zumba again. It’s been a long four months without my regular workouts, and though I am generally active and have done a few walks here and there alone and with Michael to the park, I have missed that hour that is just for me to recharge my batteries. Summers are stressful for Michael and, as a result, for me and his father too. It is hard without the set school routine, the heat, and the unpredictability of so much free time to fill up for Michael. We have scheduled as much as we can with summer camp, mother’s and father’s helpers, activities that we each do with him, but then there needs to be down time for him and us. Part of my downtime is my time to meditate, do yoga, exercise and write. When I’m not getting the right balance of those, I burn out temporarily. It varies with how quickly my patience runs out. Like Michael and most of us, when I am rested, taking care of my energy levels, and have little stress with Michael, I am at my best. But when Michael’s stress levels are up, mine go up, and I don’t have the same energy for taking care of me. That’s why yesterday was such a good start back. One workout did not erase all my stress, but it did point me in the right direction as to what I need to do to get myself back on track.

And who do I have to thank for giving me that push to exercise? Michael, of course! Last week I took him to the park after camp. There were a bunch of kids playing on the swings so Michael had to wait his turn. He was getting antsy. I suggested playing tag in the field while we waited. Michael agreed with a grin and was off like a bullet. Running after him at top speed, made me realize how good it felt to move again. Yes Joanne, you can do it! We ran for a few minutes, and when we stopped, I felt terrific. I felt like I could take on any stress the world threw at me. That was when I decided that no matter what, this week had to be the week to start exercising again.

In what ways have your Exceptional Children taught you things about yourself and helped you? If we listen carefully, our children are pointing us in the right direction to make changes. Yes, it is not always the easiest direction, but as I try and remember, they have to overcome so much to navigate the world, and we, as their Exceptional Moms, have to be at our best to help them do that. We all learn from our mistakes, and for me, I see how life is a journey of learning, growing and getting stronger for ourselves, our children and our world. Until next time.

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