A Lesson In Time Management and Organization

So today I learned a life lesson in time management. As a result ladies, I promise to never be late with a blog again! I was instructing Michael last night on good time management, and being prepared in the morning with lunch packed, clothes picked out, so that if he slept in, he wouldn’t be racing against time. Well, guess what happened to his Mom this morning? OK, I have the excuse of fighting off a bad sinus cold/infection that has been lingering in Michael too. This has caused quite a few fights between grumpy Mommy and grumpy son in the last week. But I digress. This morning I got a late start, and though breakfast and Michael’s routine got off without a hitch, I was late in getting dressed and organized. Then his summer camp bus was late. I was counting on it being on time so that I would be able to write this morning’s blog, dress quickly then leave for my day job. Didn’t happen. Instead the bus was over an hour late, I had to scramble to drive Michael to camp, and just made it to work by the skin of my teeth. Still when I thought back to this am, had I been organized as usual and wrote my blog the night before, I would not have been sending it out late today. My own advice to Michael came back to haunt me. Be organized in the evening, and then even if there is a delay, all could have proceeded without issue. Once again Michael was teaching me!

How many times have you Moms out there asked your kids to be more organized then had a day when you felt anything but on top of things? How did it make you change your perspective? As my Mom used to say, I practice what I preach, and that is something I am trying to do with Michael. I wish you luck in doing the same with your kids. Time management is something crucial for all of us to master, and is as important as patience. I have to say that Michael showed both this morning and I was very proud of him. Now it’s up to me to live that truth in my life. Until next time .

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