What Canada Day Means To Michael and Me

This morning was a mad rush getting up and ready for summer camp, so I didn’t have time to talk to Michael about Canada Day. Over the last two years though, he has been starting to understand more about celebrating the country we live in, and has enjoyed attending Canada Day festivities at our local parks with his father and I. He would wave his little Canadian flag, and participate in all the activities going on. This year the camp he is in will most likely be doing Canada Day activities, and I know he will have a blast. His father and I will also offer to take him to some local events tonight happening for Canada Day. It’s great to see him understanding more and more about the world around him.  It is also great for me and his Dad as we get a chance to affirm our pride in our country, and think about how grateful we are to live in free democratic society where we have a lot of benefits that people often take for granted.

As usual, Michael has got me thinking about what I can do differently to show my appreciation for the freedoms we have in Canada, and how we can reach out to help others more at home and abroad. Michael sees us giving money at church during collection, and at Christmas time when we contribute food and clothing items for the homeless. However, his growing interest in his country has helped re open my interest in my country, and what I could teach Michael about charity, wealth and appreciation for what we have. I have realized that though we do not have oodles of money, our family is a lot wealthier than many families in our country and throughout the world. It’s important to share what we have and help those around us who are not so fortunate. It’s also a great day to celebrate a country that does so much to help those less fortunate and that celebrates and accepts diversity.

What does Canada Day mean for you and your Exceptional Children, Moms? Do you celebrate or acknowledge the day in any special way? I think it’s important for our children to see that they belong to a bigger whole, and live in a country where they have lots of options to lead a happy healthy productive future. I, for one, am grateful for being Canadian, and hope to continue to pass that on to Michael. Until next time.

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