Anxiety About New Challenges-Michael’s and My Developing Coping Mechanisms

Today is Michael’s first day of summer camp. Though it is an adapted setting and he went to this camp last year, he was still nervous about attending camp this year. He has been talking to me and his father about it for the last few days. I wrote a social story for him, and have been discussing how all his friends are probably “nervous excited” about camp as he is. I am so happy he knows a few faces again this year. I am especially thrilled that a very good friend will be going to camp for most of the time with him this summer. This morning his father and I waited for the bus that was coming to pick him up for camp, and hopefully provided that reassurance that we are proud of him for conquering his fears of the unknown, and that we are there to help him navigate his emotions.

In seeing Micahel’s stress over the unknown and the change from being home a week from school to a structured setting once more, got me thinking how far I’ve come in handling new things and challenges. I used to feel completely overwhelmed by new things I didn’t understand, and would even become frustrated and shut down. Now, though I can still get nervous and flustered, I am able to admit it to myself, take a deep breath, and face the challenge of whatever situation I am in head on. I remind myself daily that no one is perfect. All we can do is try our best, learn from our mistakes, and if something does not work out, move on. It is an experience we can all learn from.

How do you Exceptional Moms out there handle the challenging situations in your life? What tools or coping mechanisms do you use? How do your Exceptional Children handle stress, and what has helped them move forward when they are stuck? I’m sure in facing your own hardships, you have seen what insights you can give your children, or as in my case, see what insights your children can give you about how far you’ve come in facing challenging situations. Then, together both of you can move forward with confidence. Until next time.

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