Day: June 26, 2015

Exceptional Family Vacations And Handling All The Emotions That Go With It

Today on our last day of vacation, our family will be attending the local Jazz Festival. We had a successful outing going last year. as we went early in the day on the first day, the weather was beautiful, and we didn’t stay too long. It was really hot last year, unlike this year’s temperatures which are perfect for being outdoors. We are also prepared with headphones this year if the noises around Michael bother him too much. I’m sure he’ll be fine though, as we will be spending most of our time at the kids corner where they have lots of games, activities and face painting then will go and grab a bite to eat! We will also be going with a good friend of Michael’s and his mother, so that will make it extra fun for him.

We have been quite spontaneous so far with time this week, when we leave and come home from events and for the most part it has worked well. There have been some ups and downs in terms of anxiety, and Michael wanting to control every aspect of the day, but slowly, and sometimes with difficulty, he is learning that it is not always possible. As his parents, his father and I have had our challenging moments this week with him and each other, but overall it has been a success. As an exceptional family, you learn to ride the tide of emotions as best as you can.

How do you and your child navigate through the emotions and misunderstanding that sometimes occur? How do you celebrate the victories and apologize when you don’t handle things as smoothly as you’d like? There have been some moments in the last few days when I have lost my cool, gotten stressed or felt frustrated with some of Michael’s behaviors and mine and my husband’s handling of it. On the other hand, there have also been moments, many moments, of pride in Michael. I have been proud of his maturity in handling some transitions, new skills that I am noticing him developing, riding a scooter, his ability to comfortably talk to people in a socially appropriate way, his maturity in waiting for things if timing is off. This gives me hope when there are tough moments he will sail through them with our help. And we, of course, will get through our tough moments as parents, knowing that we are making a difference in his life. Remember Moms, whether you are right or wrong, your child looks to you for clues at all times. Trust your instincts. You are on the right path. Until next time.