Last Day of School- A Look Back At A Year of Growth For This Exceptional Mom and Child

Today is Michael’s last day of school. I can’t believe the year is finished. I have this same feeling every year around this time, along with dealing with feelings of excitement of a new season, summer, and Michael’s excitement and anxiety about the upcoming change. Every year it’s the same thing, the anxiety about school finishing and summer starting, only with a different twist. As he matures, Michael is better able to articulate to me his feelings of powerlessness, fears, hopes, dreams and what he is looking forward to. I am prepared for all the mixed emotions better. I’ve had five years of practice since he started school to experience it, and now Michael’s Dad is learning to navigate these challenging times too. I see how far we’ve all come in handling our emotions at this time of year. Sometimes we have good days, sometimes we have bad days. But we are surviving and learning new coping mechanisms in the face of change. I try to model my strengths to Michael, and show him that I can learn from my weaknesses and grow as a person. I believe we all can. Drawing pictures, writing social stories, organizing calendars are all things that are working now to help Michael cope with feelings of anxiety and stress. They are things that work for his Exceptional Parents too. 🙂

What challenges await all of you Exceptional Moms and your children at this time of year? How as Moms do you cope with yours and your children’s anxiety? I’m sure as they mature you’ll see different patterns in how they cope with their emotions, and you’ll develop different ways of coping with your emotions too. You’ll grow together as a family. Just remember that there will be good days and bad. It’s important that our children see us being resilient through the rough times and growing stronger by them. Until next time.

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