Day: June 18, 2015

More On Mentors And What They Have Taught Me

Yesterday’s post on mentors and how they helped Michael and me in our life as an exceptional family, got me thinking about the other mentors in my life that are equally important. They have helped and continue to help me on my journey of self-discovery, both personally and professionally. Of course there are the Moms at my Coffee Break Support Group Community Organization, the Moms and fellow women at my church, and my Writer’s Group. These organizations and individuals have all helped me grow as a woman and human being. But there are two other important groups to mention. These are business networking groups for entrepreneurs that I discovered through a friend. I communicate with them mainly on line and attend some live networking events. These groups of men and women have been invaluable in helping me grow professionally, and helping me find the courage to write a book about raising Michael, start my blog, and build my business. This has been something that I have been wanting yet afraid to do, and meeting these wonderful individuals have helped me learn to believe in myself as they believe in me. The support is invaluable. I compare it to the support I have received in the special needs community learning to advocate for Michael. Having acquired those skills as an Exceptional Mom, I am now learning to advocate for myself personally and professionally. Thank you ladies and gentlemen!

Moms, do you have a personal or professional dream that you want to realize, but don’t feel you have the courage to do it? Are you afraid to take the next step? There are so many wonderful coaches, professionals and organizations out there to help you find yourself personally and professionally if you just look around. It’s worth taking that leap, trust me. For only when you truly know yourself, can you feel whole and lead a purposeful life. Good luck to you in your search. Until next time.