Day: June 16, 2015

Attachments and Who Is Really Important In Our Lives – Another Michael Life Lesson

As I’ve mentioned before in previous blogs, Michael has developed a little crush on his teacher.  Every year he gets crushes on either the teacher or teaching assistant since he started school. He tells me they’re kind, pretty and he loves them. I have noticed a pattern with all these lovely ladies. They are young and pretty yes, :), but also are very nurturing types of ladies who are intelligent, soft spoken, kind, and funny. They also remind him that he is in a safe place, that school is as safe as home, albeit differently. There is almost something maternal too about these teachers if I dare say it, no matter what their age. I am happy to see Michael taking an interest in positive female role models who also do not hesitate to be strict when the need arises. This is the model I am striving for as his mother, though of course as Mom, I am loved regardless and for other different reasons. 🙂

All of this got me thinking about how we decide who we love and who we give our allegiance and time to. I believe that it is very important to teach kids from a young age what is a good versus bad role model. I was shown positive examples of good role models by my parents, and have tried to show Michael that same model. Good friends or close people in our lives should be honest, funny and kind to us. They also need to love and accept for who we are, really are, underneath all the masks we wear. It is not always easy to find friends and a life partner to fill this position, but with confidence in ourselves and open trusting relationships with those around us, we hopefully will grow up with the belief that we deserve the very best people in our lives.

Who are the close relationships in your life? What do your life partners and close friends look like? Are they really worthy of your time and affections? If not, think of the message you are sending your children about who they can expect to be in their lives and what they deserve. No parent ever gets it one hundred percent correct, but I am happy that Michael’s friends come from families with similar moral codes as ours. Remember, we all deserve people in our lives who love and respect us for who we really are. We set the best example, and our children remind us to do good by them. Until next time.