Day: June 15, 2015

“I’m Talking My Talk”- Michael’s Life Lesson To Me On Determination

“I miss you so much when you are at work Mommy. I love you best in the whole world.” These words both touched me immensely and made me sad. I felt happy that Michael knows I love him and he loves me back, but sad that he is missing me so much on the weekends. He has his Dad and extra curricular things going on, but me working both days is a big adjustment. For both of us. It took a little bit of time for this to hit him, I guess. Now he will say he misses me, or grumble that I have to work again! It’s hard for me too. I love my job, but miss my son and husband. It’s a sacrifice and there are pros and cons for all of us. I remind Michael though, that during the week I am home for his bus, as this job gives me flexibility for that. This has made things better. Still, I feel some guilt. When he is clingy like lately, I worry about his stress level. Of course, I know he is going to have to cope with bigger adjustments down the road, and that this is a good start for him. He also has surprised me by being excited about new things, being more flexible in daily scheduling, and in being able to express his emotions, fears, hopes and dreams.

“Mommy, which teacher am I going to have next year? I hope she’s as good as this year’s teacher.”

“Mommy, can I live here in this house with you and Daddy forever? I love it here!”

“I missed saying bye to Daddy this morning. I love him!”

He also has talked about his crush on his teacher, why he likes certain friends over others, and even when he is being rude and demonstrating ‘counterwill’ as Dr. Neufeld coined it, I am proud of him fighting for his rights, even if they are unreasonable at that particular moment.

“Hey, you need to do this my way. Why are you telling me no? I’m just talking my talk.” And he smirks that knowing grin that he is willing to fight for his beliefs.

This is usually in response to me telling him no to seconds of a snack, a video after supper or something of the sort. I see his independent spirit coming out, and know that he will be alright one day. And what is this showing me? Well, for starters it is showing me how well Michael can communicate his needs and express himself, and even if he gets it wrong, he tries again and again to get his point across. He doesn’t give up when he wants something. He goes after it, even when it is a lost cause. A lot of small children are like this. Their determination and spirit and incredible. They are shining examples to their exceptional parents and other adults out there to never settle in life if you want something. Fight for it, and communicate those needs to people who care about you.

How about you Exceptional Mom and Dads out there? What are your children telling you about your dreams and aspirations? What do you need to fight for in your life? What examples are they showing you about getting back on the horse and trying again? Our children don’t give up and neither should we. Life is challenging and we all have our burdens to carry. But if we look deep into our spirit, we will find strength to carry us and eventually achieve our goals whether personal or professional or both. As I always say, our children are our best teachers. Until next time.