Day: June 12, 2015

More Ped Day Adventures- Navigating Social Interactions

Michael is becoming increasingly social when we go out. We are very proud that he says hi to everyone he meets and asks their name while giving his afterwards, but sometimes have had to stop him when he spontaneously hugs or kisses a stranger on the cheek. This is an improvement over his squeezing strangers’ hands while squealing in delight. But I digress. It is a challenge, to say the least, to help him navigate social interactions, but we are trying. For Michael, he is always surprised by why something shouldn’t be done. Like most exceptional children, reading facial expressions and non-verbal cues is difficult. There are times when I ask myself why we do or don’t do things in social interactions too. I realize how much I have taken for granted my own reading of people’s non verbal cues and how this has simplified life for me and other neuro typical people. I also see how strange human behavior is, how many unwritten rules, and I marvel at Michael’s ability to try and make sense of human behavior in his own way. Something he gets it bang on, sometimes not. But I admire his courage and love him for trying. He is also receptive when we correct him. He is always willing to try again.

I have made mistakes in social interactions and I know better, but am improving in reading what others expect of me, and learning to fully understand what I need from others too and asking for it. What about you, Exceptional Moms? What cues do you have a hard time reading with your Exceptional Children, or with other people? What challenges have you faced with your children and in your own social interactions? Seeing how our kids handle things when given the right guidance, can help us find more effective ways to handle our own difficult moments with people and our children. It can also give us the strength to show them more effective ways to face their social worlds, one word at a time. Until next time.