Day: June 11, 2015

Planting and Caring For Living Things- Life Lessons for Michael and Me

I am so excited that Michael wants to plant! We have bought a tomato plant, and will soon be acquiring a fruit bush of some sort, most likely raspberries. I didn’t come to like planting until adulthood and having my own house and garden to tend.  I remember the joy and pleasure my maternal grandmother got from it. My parents would plant, but they looked at it as work, and complained of it being another thing on their ‘to do’ list. So I looked at planting as that too, until the first time I planted flowers in my own front garden. Being outside in the front and especially my backyard, provides me with a peace in my soul that only two other activities so far have given me, prayer and writing. When I am outside in nature, I forgot all my daily cares and worries. The stress melts off of me, and I feel lighter and mentally more clear. I hope that this same kind of enjoyment and clarity can be felt by Michael.

I also like the fact that he will be learning to care about other living entities. Similar to helping feed our cat, plants need TLC, and I hope to instill this caretaker side in him to learn responsibility and kindness. He is already very loving and giving for the most part, but I believe that this would help instill in him a confidence that he can be trusted with other living things. I also believe that it could help him with stress reduction and anxiety.

Have any of you Moms out there tried planting with your little ones? If so, what was your experience like? Did you and they get pleasure from it? I can’t describe how connected tending to living things can make you feel to yourself, to the world. Even tending to indoor plants can bring that out in you. I encourage you to try this with your children if you haven’t already. It is a life lesson you will both enjoy, I’m sure. Until next time.