Day: June 10, 2015

Michael’s and My Growing Love of Spontaneous Play

“How many more days of work at school Mommy?”

“Work is pretty much finished. You have two weeks of school left, but you are doing fun stuff.”


Yes, Michael has recognized the definition of work and play, and is looking forward to summer vacation. Not that he didn’t look forward to it the other years, but there was always more fear than excitement, the uncertainty, the unknown. This year he is a little nervous about summer camp, and not the second one he will be going to, but the first familiar one from last year. Who will be his counselors? Which friends will be there? But there is more excitement than nervousness. And, I’m very happy to report, he is excited about the downtime he will have away from camp. Sure, he is planning all the outings and places we will go, but I think that this year he will be able to start learning how to amuse himself at home during the times he is not at camp. I hope. I pray. I have seen such a maturity in the last year. I am optimistic and very proud of him.

Thanks to Michael, I am also learning how to be more spontaneous too, with outings, with exploring new things, and in my sense of play, spontaneous play with him, and with doing new fun things with friends. I was always one of those “I have to do this” kind of people. Now I see that I have a lot more choice than I think. And whenever possible, which is most of the time, I can choose a more fun way of doing things and pass that on to my child.

Are you having fun in your lives Moms, with and without your children? If not, I’m sure you agree that something is missing, some key ingredient that will lead to happiness, and more important, gratitude. When we are grateful for what we have, everything looks better, feels better and our lives improve dramatically. Here’s wishing you and your children fun spontaneous play this summer and always. May the fun days outweigh the work days. Until next time!