Ped Day Adventures, Summertime Talk and Coping With Change

Today Michael is home with me on a PED Day. I have structured the day so that it runs smoothly for both of us. During breakfast this morning, we talked about what we were going to do today, as well as the approaching change in schedule, summer vacation. Michael is happy about it this year. He actually is starting to enjoy being home just like he enjoys school which makes life easier for both of us. His questions were the usual ones, about summer camp, when his father would be taking summer vacation, and then we talked about jobs. When would I be working, when would I be home? After that, he went to get dressed and start to get ready for our day. There were also a lot of pleases and thank yous. This has been a nice change from some of the turbulence of the week. Maybe he just needed a day off like the rest of us do sometimes.

This got me thinking about how I plan things out, what I worry about, and how I cope with upcoming change. I used to plan every single detail of my life and then freak out when things didn’t happen as I thought they should. Now, since becoming a parent, and especially an exceptional parent, I have learned to go with the flow. I have even counseled others in my family that this is the way I live now, and it’s a matter of seeing life in a different way. I used to feel sorry for myself that I couldn’t plan like before. I even had some family members and friends feel sorry for me. But not anymore. I see this as a less stressful way to live now. Control what you can, and the rest is in God’s or fate’s hands, however you want to look at it. My life has always been like that, but I was wearing blinders and too afraid to see it. Now, those blinders have been removed and I see my life for all it is, all its beauty, blessings, complications and stresses. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What lessons have your children taught you about life, about planning, about fears and how you conquer them? Most of our kids, exceptional or not, teach us about planning for the important things, and how we have to stop sweating the small stuff, as a good friend once told me. They remind us to teach them about going with the flow, being spontaneous in our approach to obstacles, and above all, not forgetting to laugh when life gets ridiculous as it sometimes does. Here’s to adventures with your exceptional children on their PED DAYS and on every other day. Until next time.

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